A new venue for jazz in the Buffalo area

On Tuesday night, November 1st, a new “Tuesday Nite Concert Series” begins. The Tim Clarke Trio will take the stage at the Village of Williamsville’s historic Meeting House for a 7pm concert.


If you’ve never been to The Meeting House on Main Street in Williamsville, you might be wondering, “How did this place become a new venue for jazz in the Buffalo area?” Here’s the story…

In 2013, local jazz singer Mark Weber decided to paint old, upright pianos colorfully and place them around the Buffalo area, outdoors, for the public to play. “Pianos in Public Buffalo” made a lot of people happy, accomplishing its intended goal.

Back then, Weber met with Dick and Sharon Rich from the Village of Williamsville. At the time, they were somewhat interested in having colorful pianos placed in Williamsville and Amherst. As the chair of the Village Arts & Culture Committee, Sharon Rich had been instrumental in organizing many positive events for years, including the Glen Park Art Festival. She and her husband asked Weber to join their committee since he was interested in promoting music and art in the area.

Fast forward to now. Weber somehow connected with JazzBuffalo’s email list to get news of area jazz events, and became Facebook friends with its founder, Tony Zambito. Since joining the Williamsville Arts & Culture Committee, Weber had helped put on various events at The Meeting House, which is located on Main Street near Mill Street. Seeing all the good Zambito was doing online, promoting jazz in the region, Weber thought, “Why not see if Tony Zambito would be interested in promoting jazz concerts at The Meeting House in Williamsville? It’d be another venue for jazz in the area– the more, the better.”

Zambito met with Weber, as well as Dick and Sharon Rich, at the Original Pancake House in Williamsville to discuss the potential of bringing jazz to the Village. Then Zambito attended the Arts & Culture Committee meeting at Village Hall recently, where the idea for a Tuesday night concert series this November and December at The Meeting House was met with both approval and enthusiasm.

The Meeting House on Main Street

So will The Meeting House go over well with jazz aficionados? Time will tell. If the “Tuesday Nite Concert Series” is well-attended, the musicians like the place, and word gets out, the Buffalo area may have another great place for jazz concerts.

The Meeting House stage

The Meeting House is at 5658 Main St. in the heart of Williamsville, at Main and Mill Streets. It’s the building that looks like an old church from the 1870s. Parking is available behind the venue as well as on the street and in nearby lots. Restaurants within walking distance include Sorrentinos, The Irishman, Creekview, Share, Moor Pat and The Eagle House if you want to make a night of it with dinner before or after the concert.

Key info: Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 7 to 9pm, Tim Clarke Trio (with George Kane & Wayne Moose) at The Meeting House on Main Street in Williamsville, $10 general admission, $5 for students

Ski Buffalo

Ski_BuffaloSki Buffalo! Buffalo, New York is fortunate to have several ski resorts in its vicinity, including Holiday Valley, HoliMont, Kissing Bridge and several others. Oftentimes people complain about cold, snowy winters. These people do not ski. There’s nothing else quite like skiing down a mountain– the adrenaline rush is something everyone from toddlers to Seniors can appreciate– if they’re fearless.

Here are some pics from HoliMont, taken by BeautifulBuffalo.com’s Mark Weber, a skiier. HoliMont is North America’s largest private ski area devoted to family skiing adventures. The public can ski there weekdays during daylight hours, and there’s rarely any lines to get on the lifts. Other areas WISH they had a nice ski resort like HoliMont, a 45 minute drive south of the City of Buffalo, located in Ski Country, aka Ellicottville, aka “The Aspen of the East.” If you want to ski Buffalo, December thru March is the time of the year to do so.