Burchfield Nature and Art Center

The Buffalo area’s Burchfield Nature and Art Center includes¬†a beautiful park, but some of its most beautiful parts are off the trails. Pictures by Todd Hariaczyi


The Homicide Education & Prevention Project Buffalo

We live in a world/society where killing is rampant. No remorse. No empathy. No feelings…

Kids today play video games that encourage killing. They watch TV shows that encourage killing. They listen to music that encourages killing. They live in neighborhoods where gangs encourage killing. Do they value life? Do they know how to resolve conflicts without guns? If they’re bullied, are they going to kill because of it? How do kids deal with their anger and fears? Do some kill for the fame, recognition, and, gasp, sense of belonging? There are plenty of fatherless children in Buffalo. Media and culture send them constant messages to be selfish, get what they want, and have no regard for other people’s feelings or families in the process. Everyday on the news you’ll witness another young person either being shot and killed or incarcerated. That is the plight of today’s cities like Buffalo.

If you know of a group of young people who could use a free workshop about understanding homicide, dealing with anger/fear, resolving problems with others, dealing with peer pressure/bullying, self-esteem, etc., Dr. Frederick Gelsey heads up The Homicide Education & Prevention Project; call him at 716-570-9573. I got his hand-out at Taking It to the Streets Buffalo. -Mark Weber

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Buffalo

Martin Luther King Jr. Park on the East Side of Buffalo, NY, is home to a giant splash pad. Kids enjoy this part of the park in the summer, for sure. It’s also home to the Taking It To The Streets celebration each August, organized by Anita Williams. The event features a health fair, school supplies/clothing for the taking, pony rides, live music, food, vendors and more. –Mark Weber of Beautiful Buffalo

Fabric Covered Church Buffalo

Have you seen the fabric covered church Buffalo? It’s at the corner of Richmond and West Ferry on the West Side of Buffalo. It’s an art installation by Amanda Browder, titled “Spectral Locus.” Put together by some 300 volunteers, the fabric covered church Buffalo is a sight to behold. –Mark Weber of Beautiful Buffalo


World’s Largest Rubber Duck in Buffalo

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck¬†came to Buffalo and some 100,000 people came to see it! What a sight– at 6 stories tall, this yellow duck stood out in the Buffalo River on a strong platform for all to see. Take a look at the pictures from Buffalo’s “Canalside” and notice how much Buffalo’s waterfront has changed in the past 20 years. It used to be a ghost town. Today it’s the place to be, with lots of boats, people, and things to see and do. From the USS Little Rock navy ship to the boardwalk, Canalside is a hot and happening area; there’s even the Queen City Bike Ferry to take people across the water so to get to the “Outer Harbor” area where there’s a park, events, bike trails and more. If you haven’t been to Canalside/Buffalo, it’s worth a visit. –Mark Weber of Beautiful Buffalo

Glen Park Art Festival

The Glen Park Art Festival takes place the last weekend of July. In 2016, the festival celebrated its seventh year. Located on Glen Avenue in Williamsville, between Rock Street and Mill Street, the Glen Park Art Festival got its start because Mayor Brian Kulpa and Dick & Sharon Rich thought it would be nice to celebrate music, dance and art in the Village of Williamsville, in one of the region’s most beautiful parks. The community-oriented festival features some 140 local vendors, as well as food from local restaurants. With a space for kids to make art, high schoolers selling their art, and even a carousel, it’s a festival atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Town of Amherst stage hosts dancers, singers and musicians, providing a variety of entertainment from Friday night thru Sunday night. The Glen Park Art Festival is a highlight of the summer in Western New York. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit. –Mark Weber of Beautiful Buffalo

Taste of Buffalo 2016

Every July for as long as I can remember, downtown Buffalo hosts the Taste of Buffalo, where you can use tickets to get all sorts of food and drink from local restaurants. The Taste of Buffalo 2016 went well as you can see from the pics of nice weather and people enjoying Niagara Square and Delaware Avenue in Beautiful Buffalo.