Beautiful Buffalo artwork on rocks

Rock on, Buffalo! Or, in other words, “Ashley Feeling Crafty” does Buffalo and Western New York artwork on rocks, and they are cool! From Holiday Valley ski resort to the historic Buffalo grain elevators, Ashley Reinhard is an artist who can custom paint you a Buffalo scene on a strong rock for your garden or other prominent place in your home or yard. Reach her at 716-208-6634 or email


Unique Tim Hortons HarborCenter Buffalo pays tribute to legendary hockey player

Tim Horton was a hockey player back in the day. He played for the Buffalo Sabres in the 1970s and died in a car crash. His little doughnut and coffee shop ended up turning into a big chain that has many stores in the U.S. and Canada, and Buffalo seems to be Timmy Ho’s best U.S. market…and why not? Buffalonians love Tim Horton’s! So, with the brand new HarborCenter, with its indoor hockey rinks, why not put a one-of-a-kind Tim Horton’s there complete with a tribute to Horton? Tim Horton’s downtown Buffalo HarborCenter location is now open, and upon my visit, it was bustling, just like any Tim Horton’s. Lots of people staying at downtown hotels, coming for Sabres games and youth hockey games, locals and tourists were all enjoying the unique Timmy Ho’s together, marveling at the unique, NYC-feeling d├ęcor. If you visit, and you’ve lived in the Buffalo area for decades, you’ll be like, “What city am I in? THIS is Buffalo?! WOW. Major changes, for the better.” Well done Tim Horton’s, well done!

River Art Gallery

I am quite impressed with the Buffalo area’s passion for art. Most people assume Greater Buffalo is a drab, concrete wasteland, when, in reality, the arts– from paintings to music– liven up the place.Just a little north of the city, you’ll find the Erie Canal and the “Twin Cities” of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda. Right near the canal is Webster Street, and I walked into River Art Gallery & Gifts having no idea what to expect. I was there to say hello to one of the artists, in conjunction with my Pianos in Public project. River Art is literally next door to Partners In Art, where one of the pianos currently sits under an awning for passersby to play and enjoy.

Anyway, I entered River Art Gallery & Gifts and loved what I saw. It’s a feast for the eyes in there– just check the pictures I posted to get an idea of what you’ll see if you visit. I ended up buying some art and I plan to go back for more another time.

In the back two rooms, River Art Gallery showcases original artwork by artists from Western New York and Southern Ontario.

Meanwhile, the gift shop offers a variety of items, including original fine art, reproductions, fused art glass, fiber art, sculpture, posters, cards and unique accessories. For the ladies, there’s lots of hand-crafted jewelry to choose from.

River Art Gallery & Gifts is at 83 Webster St., North Tonawanda, NY 14120. Webster Street has many other cool shops to visit, too, featuring vintage items and one-of-a-kinds you won’t find at Wal-Mart. North Tonawanda: who knew it was so cool? Beautiful Buffalo encompasses its suburbs like “NT,” and the arts are alive and thriving in Western New York. –Mark Weber