Mark Weber captures Buffalo’s beauty, architecture and growth in pictures

Downtown Buffalo is buzzing with people as HarborCenter makes its debut. There’s the flagship Tim Hortons there, as well as a superb new indoor ice rink on the 7th floor. Also nearby you can visit Canalside, Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino and other attractions. Pretty soon there’ll be outdoor ice skating, too! If you haven’t been to downtown Buffalo in a long time, it’s starting to look like a brand new city!

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A drive through Buffalo in pictures

Here are pictures from “The 33” coming into downtown Buffalo, and then going through it, onto Lackawanna’s Our Lady of Victory Basilica. These pictures were taken during August 2014.

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Delaware Avenue

Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo is a nice looking street, with a mix of businesses, homes, churches, shops and more. Each summer, the Taste of Buffalo happens on Delaware Avenue, where dozens of local restaurants serve up samplings of their delectable offerings. Hundreds of thousands attend, and it’s a good time. Here are some pictures of what the scene looks like…


Niawanda Park Pavilion

Tonawanda Park Pavilion
Niawanda Park Pavilion rental

The Beautiful Buffalo region is home to the Niawanda Park Pavilion rental, a decent place for a small wedding reception or business meeting, in style, with a sweeping view of the mighty Niagara River and Grand Island.

Complete with a commercial kitchen, the City of Tonawanda Pavilion looks like it can fit about 120 people comfortably inside, and more on its vast outdoor patio.

Interior of Niawanda Park Pavilion
Niawanda Pavilion interior

Anyone can rent the Tonawanda Pavilion.

Tonawanda waterfront
Niawanda Park Pavilion river view

One thing is for sure– it’s refreshing to see new development on the waterfront. The Niawanda Pavilion is a welcome addition to an already thriving park and path.

For Niawanda Park Pavilion rental information and bookings, go to The City of Tonawanda Parks & Recreation Office, 150 Fillmore Ave., Tonawanda, NY or call 716-505-1172.

Larkin Square Buffalo

Larkin Square Buffalo is the place to be for lunch, dinner, or just loungin’ around… This area used to be a ghost town. Now it’s full of life. People come from near and far to visit. Whether you like music concerts, pickleball, food trucks or other fun things, Larkin Square Buffalo is Buffalo’s hottest/coolest place to be.

Mark Weber’s views of Downtown Buffalo, New York

I’ll tell you this: ever since I was born in the 1970s, Buffalo had been stagnant and/or declining. Hundreds of thousands of people left the city for dead. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Buffalo is tangibly on its way back-to-life in amazing ways. If you haven’t been to downtown Buffalo, here’s the news: it has changed a lot since the last time you were there, complete with new streetscapes, buildings, cranes and activity. While still “in development” at the present moment, it’s definitely becoming a hot spot for the whole region, as many older buildings, long vacant, are being rehabbed, refreshed and/or made new. Buffalo is a city in positive transition. The doom-and-gloom cloud that lingered over it for decades has gone away. Despite challenges, or perhaps because of them, Buffalo– including downtown Buffalo– is finally rising again! –Mark Weber

Secrets of Buffalo: Oechsner Castle

Beautiful Buffalo is home to unique and great architecture. In suburban Williamsville, there’s a castle located off Oakgrove Drive. Ignatz Oechsner, a German-born mason, started building the castle around 1917, on Dream Island, a one acre island in Ellicott Creek. There’s a main building, gatehouse, tower, dungeon and coach house. Oechsner Castle is currently a private residence.