The Homicide Education & Prevention Project Buffalo

We live in a world/society where killing is rampant. No remorse. No empathy. No feelings…

Kids today play video games that encourage killing. They watch TV shows that encourage killing. They listen to music that encourages killing. They live in neighborhoods where gangs encourage killing. Do they value life? Do they know how to resolve conflicts without guns? If they’re bullied, are they going to kill because of it? How do kids deal with their anger and fears? Do some kill for the fame, recognition, and, gasp, sense of belonging? There are plenty of fatherless children in Buffalo. Media and culture send them constant messages to be selfish, get what they want, and have no regard for other people’s feelings or families in the process. Everyday on the news you’ll witness another young person either being shot and killed or incarcerated. That is the plight of today’s cities like Buffalo.

If you know of a group of young people who could use a free workshop about understanding homicide, dealing with anger/fear, resolving problems with others, dealing with peer pressure/bullying, self-esteem, etc., Dr. Frederick Gelsey heads up The Homicide Education & Prevention Project; call him at 716-570-9573. I got his hand-out at Taking It to the Streets Buffalo. -Mark Weber