Buffalo skyline

Buffalo is America’s best designed city


Buffalo is America’s best designed city. It’s so well designed that this guy (above) got a tattoo of Buffalo’s street design on his arm. What other city inspires that sort of thing?

Buffalo got its design from the Ellicott brothers. Joseph and Andrew Ellicott, back in 1804, designed Buffalo using a baroque street layout with a grid overlaid by a radial system of streets. Buffalo’s layout and design is similar to Washington, DC.

Meanwhile Frederick Law Olmsted, the guy who designed New York City’s Central Park, was commissioned to develop a parkway system for Buffalo. He did; he did it well.

Thanks to its parks, its abundance of water (Lake Erie, The Niagara River, etc.), and its excellent radial design, Buffalo attracted three of the greatest American architects– Frank Lloyd Wright, H.H. Richardson, and Louis Sullivan– all of whom left their mark on the city.

Words cannot fully express Buffalo’s design, so a video called America’s Best Designed City by filmmaker John Paget can help you visually see how well laid out the city is, full of parks, homes, businesses and, of course, flora, fauna, and art. It’s a sight to behold.

This video should inspire you to visit Buffalo sometime and experience for yourself what a well-designed place looks and feels like. It’s much more interesting than Cul-de-sac, USA or Suburbia!

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