Photos from Buffalo’s Erie County Fair

August14 1216 August14 1222 August14 1223 August14 1224 August14 1226 August14 1229 August14 1232 August14 1235 August14 1246 August14 1248 August14 1264 August14 1265 August14 1137 August14 1143 August14 1147 August14 1150 August14 1159 August14 1164 August14 1165 August14 1168 August14 1174 August14 1267 August14 1274

Buffalo, New York is in Erie County, one of New York State’s largest and most prosperous counties. Its 175th annual Erie County Fair in 2014 hit record attendance. 1,220,000 people attended the 12 day summer event, which featured local art on display, farm animals, rides, music concerts, demolition derbies, shopping, carnival acts, dancing, comedy, food and plenty more! For more info, click here. –Mark Weber

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