Pianos in Public Buffalo Pictures

Pianos in Public Buffalo was the idea of Mark Weber. Having lived in New York City for a while, he noticed a picture in a NYC magazine of a grand piano outdoors in Central Park. It was available for anyone to play. What a novel idea. Then he did an Internet search to discover that artists were painting pianos and putting them outdoors not just in NYC, but in cities all over the globe! Why didn’t Buffalo have any?

So, after a chat with Newell Nussbaumer from BuffaloRising.com, Mark started a kickstarter.com campaign to raise funds for his “Pianos in Public Buffalo” music-meets-art project. The point of it? To bring joy to all sorts of people, locals and tourists alike, by painting old upright pianos colorfully and placing them in places you wouldn’t normally expect to see a piano.

Pianos in Public Buffalo had a banner year its first year, which was the summer of 2013. It was such a hit that the pianos were back outdoors around the area in 2014 and 2015. One thing’s for sure: these colorful pianos did exactly what they were intended to do– put smiles on people’s faces around Buffalo as they enjoyed making music outdoors…didn’t matter if they were 3-years-old and just banging away on the keys, or if they were Carnegie Hall classically-trained pianists– any and all have enjoyed Pianos in Public Buffalo.

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