Mark Weber’s views of Downtown Buffalo, New York

I’ll tell you this: ever since I was born in the 1970s, Buffalo had been stagnant and/or declining. Hundreds of thousands of people left the city for dead. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Buffalo is tangibly on its way back-to-life in amazing ways. If you haven’t been to downtown Buffalo, here’s the news: it has changed a lot since the last time you were there, complete with new streetscapes, buildings, cranes and activity. While still “in development” at the present moment, it’s definitely becoming a hot spot for the whole region, as many older buildings, long vacant, are being rehabbed, refreshed and/or made new. Buffalo is a city in positive transition. The doom-and-gloom cloud that lingered over it for decades has gone away. Despite challenges, or perhaps because of them, Buffalo– including downtown Buffalo– is finally rising again! –Mark Weber

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