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Photos from Buffalo’s Erie County Fair

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Buffalo, New York is in Erie County, one of New York State’s largest and most prosperous counties. Its 175th annual Erie County Fair in 2014 hit record attendance. 1,220,000 people attended the 12 day summer event, which featured local art on display, farm animals, rides, music concerts, demolition derbies, shopping, carnival acts, dancing, comedy, food and plenty more! For more info, click here. –Mark Weber

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Janet Meadows turns her creative skills into a design business

August14 1015Janet’s Meadows Floral Designs creates lasting reminders of people’s good times. Need a hat for church or catching people’s attention at a party? Janet’s got some bold, fun creations, like the purple creation atop LisaAnn’s head at “Taking It To The Streets” in Buffalo. Meanwhile, Janet also creates corsages, bouquets, center pieces, window displays and more. “Working in silks, but making it real” is her motto. Call Janet Meadows at 716-390-0148 or email to connect and let her know you found out about her from –Mark Weber

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Growing grapes near Buffalo, New York

When you think of Buffalo, New York, think about more than just snow and football…north, east and south of the city and its suburbs, you’ll find farm after farm after farm. The agriculture industry is alive and well in Western New York, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables growing in the rich, Lake Erie-watered soil.

AgriAmerica, in Silver Creek, NY, is just one of many successful WNY farms. Acres and acres of grapes are grown here. If you ever drink Kedem grape juice, which you might be able to find on the shelves of your local Super Wal-Mart, know this: the grapes come from Silver Creek, NY/AgriAmerica! Besides grape juice, the grapes from AgriAmerica are used to make other products, including the most delicious grape pies you’ve ever tasted. At the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Fest in nearby Jamestown, NY, people love the pies! Grape pies were part of a celebration of “I Love Lucy,” complete with grape stomping and candy conveyor belts as tourists re-enacted classic Lucy moments. Fun!

Grape stomping for fun at the Lucille Ball Comedy Fest in Jamestown, NY
Grape stomping for fun at the Lucille Ball Comedy Fest in Jamestown, NY

Pianos in Public Buffalo Pictures

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Thousands–yes thousands–of people have enjoyed seeing and playing the dozen pianos out around Buffalo, NY, this summer. With that in mind, presents a slideshow of Pianos In Public Buffalo pictures. Maybe you or someone you know is in one of the pics?! If you take pics at the pianos and want to upload them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, please tag them #pianosinpublic so more people will see them! –Mark Weber

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