Going Home: My Love Affair with Buffalo, New York

Originally posted on The Daily Sampler:

There are many people who don’t understand my obsession with Buffalo, New York , and I get why. Buffalo is a rust belt city, never quite reaching its full potential for the last 50 years, a mere shadow of its original 1900′s glory. If you live in or around Buffalo, you’re fully aware of its struggles, the poverty, the sagging politics, the snail’s pace of urban and waterfront development, the twenty-year argument over a new Peace Bridge, and obviously, there are the endearing, forever-underdog sports teams. Oh and, PS, it snows. Especially if you’ve lived there your entire life, never leaving to see anything new, you may even hate Buffalo. Those who’ve never visited or adorably think Buffalo is located down the street from New York City, they too, may never understand its appeal.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I left home six years ago, I was more than ready to go. The…

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