Pictures from Buffalo of the Lake Effect snow storm

Buffalo NY has had a doozy of a week with the Lake Effect snow storm dumping six to seven feet of white stuff on large parts of the metro region. Global warming? Maybe.

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More Buffalo snow pictures from Snovember Storm 2014

Yet more Buffalo snow pictures from the Snovember Storm of 2014, thanks to Lake Effect snow and, probably, Global Warming.

This time around, Buffalo got too much snow too quickly

84 inches of snow in metro Buffalo, in two days? That’s outrageous! That’s taller than most men!! The Snovember Storm of 2014, called the “Erie County Knife,” brought so much snow in such a short time, from Lake Erie’s open waters, that many area roofs caved in from the weight. Interestingly, many areas of Buffalo only got 2-3 inches of snow. Can you imagine a neighborhood over from yours being buried in snow while you can easily get out of your driveway? That’s how it is!

More Buffalo Snow Pictures

More Buffalo snow pictures from the epic Buffalo snow storm of 2014…

Lisa Ann Krutzik on why every place needs an epic snow storm

Snow storms should happen worldwide and an epic one should happen at least every five years – why? I think that the biggest problem with most of humanity has come about because they ignore nature.

We run full speed year around. We don’t take time to hibernate, to feed our roots, regenerate our souls, and re-bud in the spring any more – we have become like mountain sides exposed to the elements all year long and just erode, then we wonder why our knees hurt, our children are killing each other, and our government has taken over even the most basic of natural behavior in the line of taking care of our kids. It isn’t brain surgery – it’s nature.

Most people have become so disconnected from it that they look to governments to ‘take care’ of everyone instead of their neighbors. Last night a wall of snow came down and a double door in someone’s house broke open and the snow just kept pushing in. There was a frantic Facebook post out there that someone from some emergency crew needed to make their way to that family. Why? So the door blew off and there was snow in the house.

#1 The snow created a new door – no wind was getting in. Grab the important stuff out of the room, shut the doors off to that room, and go to bed – the chances of the whole house being filled like a tsunami of snow is highly unlikely.

#2 They live in a community – call your neighbor, not 911! Really no one is going to die in this situation; it is not an emergency. If they really NEEDED to get out of the house and they had relationships with their neighbors wouldn’t it make sense that the neighbors would help them?

#3 Relationships – I remember the first winter I was in Eastern NY and we got hit with a Nor’easter (another huge type of snowstorm that is actually a typhoon in the winter that reaches up into the Adirondack Mountains and beyond.) The next day we had over 7 ft. drifts. Everyone shoveled from their door stops out and guess what happened – we got to know each other – by the time the next storm hit we all worked together, had a snowball fight, built snowmen, and then warmed up with beverages and pasta– together– we became a community instead of just a neighborhood. That is what winter can do if you let nature run its course.

People in Missouri are gearing up to deal with another round of riots over the shooting of a young man by a cop. Who cares what ‘color’ either was…it shouldn’t have happened end of story. The young man shouldn’t have robbed a store, the cop shouldn’t have killed the kid when he could have shot the kid in the leg if he really was threatened. The truth of the matter is that they need an epic winter storm right now so that everyone has to just stay home and learn how to love the people they are near. Then instead of burning down gas stations, having police in riot gear, and everyone wanting the government to ‘do something’ maybe – just maybe – with a little calm time to think things through some positive movement could be made. Some communities might be formed to help kids do better in school, some moms might bond together to create a support network for afterschool hours supervision for their neighborhood. Some men might get a clue and realize that they need to put down their guns and fists and pick up their baby and rock them to sleep at night. They need an epic winter storm.

If any doors should be blown in by a wall of snow and a snow tsunami take out some buildings it should happen to all the government buildings in Washington, D.C. and each state’s capitol. Maybe these people we call ‘leaders’ would go home and find out what living a normal life looks like– they might just be able to represent the real people of America if they had to live among them instead of their bubble of money and influence in some ‘hallowed hall’. Thomas Jefferson had to deal with his share of epic snow storms in his real life– have any of the last four American Presidents ever shoveled snow? Not much snow gets moved with a silver spoon. –Lisa Ann Krutzik

Buffalo Storm Pictures: When Snow Attacks

It’s Buffalo. It snows. No big deal. Well okay, maybe this time around it’s a bit of a big deal, seeing as some people have more than six feet of snow in their driveways. So many people are sharing Buffalo storm pictures online, and here are some of them:

Below is a song to listen to that starts out, “On a day like today, I’d like to get away…” With the crazy Buffalo snow, there are a lot of people who can relate to that sentiment.

Buffalo snow storm pictures

If Buffalo normally gets, lets say, 90 inches of snow in a winter, imagine if 60-70 inches fell all within 24 hours. Yeah, that happened. But, and here’s the interesting part, those crazy high totals were confined to a very specific area, mostly south and east of the city. Officials have called the storm the “Erie County Knife.” Strange name if you ask me; I prefer Snovember. Or is it Snowvember? Either way, it’s not even Thanksgiving, and since Lake Erie isn’t frozen over yet, and cold arctic air came down to the Lower 48, parts of metro Buffalo got dumped on. Honestly, it looked like a wall of snow to the south of Buffalo, coming off the lake.

Here’s a song about wanting to get away from the bad weather:

Day 2 pictures from the Buffalo snow storm of 2014 are here. Share this post with others if you want them to see the pics.

See pictures of Buffalo’s historic Lake Effect #Snovember storm here

Ok, it does snow in Buffalo sometimes. Granted, there are certain areas where more snow ends up– in suburbs like Hamburg and Orchard Park south of the actual city…toward ski country. “Lake effect” snow is when cold air connects with warm water in Lake Erie, and turns it into snow to dump on Buffalo and its Southtowns.

It was a pretty wild day today in Lancaster, Depew, Alden, Elma, Hamburg, Orchard Park, South Buffalo and South Cheektowaga, with some of those places getting 40 – 70 inches of snow! But much of the City of Buffalo and northward (Amherst, Tonawanda, Lockport) barely got a dusting of snow! Global warming? Maybe. Polar Vortex. Probably. It’s Buffalo, it snows: big deal.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Buffalo’s historic Lake Effect #Snovember. –Mark Weber

PS) Here’s a song for all the Buffalonians wishing to escape this weather:

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (BNFF) is a filmmaker’s festival, hosted by filmmakers and screenwriters for filmmakers and screenwriters…In a region that loves the arts and has produced many famous industry icons behind the camera, on the screen, and abroad, the BNFF is committed to providing opportunities to filmmakers and others in bringing cinematographic arts and other related entertainment products to Western New York through high-profile community events, talent, productions and films from around the country and the world.

Submit your work for consideration– time is of the essence.

Beautiful Buffalo artwork on rocks

Rock on, Buffalo! Or, in other words, “Ashley Feeling Crafty” does Buffalo and Western New York artwork on rocks, and they are cool! From Holiday Valley ski resort to the historic Buffalo grain elevators, Ashley Reinhard is an artist who can custom paint you a Buffalo scene on a strong rock for your garden or other prominent place in your home or yard. Reach her at 716-208-6634 or email

The gas prices are too damn high in Buffalo

In the continental USA, San Francisco has the highest gas prices, followed by Buffalo, NY. San Fran is a rich city. Buffalo is the poorest of the poor. Buffalonians have been taxed to death for decades. Hundreds of thousands moved elsewhere. And just as there are some positive signs of Buffalo making a “comeback” of sorts, Buffalonians are paying $3.46 a gallon, while their friends and relatives pay a lot less…

Virginia? $2.76
Texas? $2.75
Tennessee $2.72
South Carolina $2.70

Buffalo will be held back until its local and state leaders decide to tackle the high gas price issue once and for all. San Fran is a rich city. Buffalo is a poor city. If you are a NYS resident, your vote and your voice matters. We need to get someone in office working on behalf of all of us who are sick and tired of paying high gas prices and much higher taxes than our Southern neighbors.

HSBC Atrium needs to liven up its outdoor decks

If you look out the windows of the new HarborCenter building in downtown Buffalo, you’ll be seeing the HSBC Atrium Building. This building, which features an all glass façade, has HSBC Bank offices in it. Now if you look at the pics below, you’ll notice they have what’s essentially two large outdoor decks thousands of people will look down upon and all they’ll see is fugly concrete. Unacceptable. Ideally, the building managers should add some lights, color and greenery to these spaces so they don’t look so dreadfully drab and depressing. Imagine if they added some evergreen trees in planters, along with colorful art sculptures and perhaps a seasonal outdoor café complete with string lights, flower pots, tables and… life. Yes, what these two decks need are some signs of color and life. All of Buffalo needs more color and more life, really… There are eco-friendly plants that can cover the concrete, helping with heating and cooling costs, and they’d make these two outdoor areas that thousands will be looking at into something attractive. And don’t get me started on the Soviet Union-looking Buffalo News building nearby. Could Warren Buffett– the paper’s owner– spare a dime to refresh that depressing tan stone façade? Come on, it’s 2014, and Buffalo has plenty of artists who could re-imagine these bland public spaces and buildings with murals, sculptures, and unique light installations. Look at how much nicer the Peace Bridge looks with its LED lights. Expect better Buffalo; expect more.

BuffaloNov14 283 BuffaloNov14 284

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