More pianos are coming to Buffalo

Pianos in Public Buffalo is excited about summer 2014. Currently, there are several new pianos being prepped and painted to be put outside around town for all to see, play and enjoy. Above are some pictures of two giant old Kurtzmann pianos, made in Buffalo in 1916 and 1922, which are being worked on right now– they’ve been sanded and primed for painting. Soon the one will be navy blue, white, royal blue and yellow, while the other one will have a castle on it. As you can see, a lot of acrylic paint was purchased to accomplish the task.

Other pianos have been “touched up,” paint-wise, recently, including the ones at Montgomery Park, Caramici’s, and Bender’s. Here are some updated pics of those pianos:

If you love the idea of music-meets-art being “taken to the streets,” made available to anyone and everyone who wants to touch the piano and make music, please consider making a contribution via paypal in any amount large or small. The more money that comes in, the more pianos that go out. Click the yellow paypal button below to use your credit card or paypal balance to give to Pianos in Public Buffalo.


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